Our Process

Dedicated to your home

We plan our projects in a manner that allows us to put complete focus on your project.



With nearly 100% of new projects coming from referrals, we’re clearly not the only ones who are proud of our work. If you’ve heard about us, chances are you’ve also heard about our straightforward approach and absolute dedication to the task at hand.


Onsite Meetings

Our renovation consultant will visit your home to assess its current state and discuss your needs for the proposed renovation, along with your lifestyle and family needs. Once your goals have been determined, we can move forward with the preliminary drawings.



With the measurements taken and plans discussed, it’s time for us to put pencil to paper and start the actual process of conceptualizing your new space. The rough sketches from the drawing process will aid us as we consider the scope of the project.



Now that we have some preliminary drawings to work from we can begin to assess the overall scope of the renovation. We’ll take into account the number of our valued tradespeople required for completion, along with the necessary materials and the timeline for the project.



With everything now accounted for and the general scope of the project approved, it’s time to “get down to brass tacks.” We promise to be upfront and honest about all costs and the proposed schedule.



Upon approval of the scope and cost of the project, we will finalize the schedule and begin work accordingly. From this point on, you can rest assured knowing that your home is in the best of hands.